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Become a part of this fast growing, and dynamic organization. Founded in 2010, Petromax Grease & Lubricants is a privately-held manufacturer of a comprehensive portfolio of mineral, semi-synthetic, and high performance fully synthetic lubricants for Automotive, Marine, Railroad, and Industrial applications. Our state of the art blending facility is ISO certified.

Owned and operated by individuals with well over 50 years of industry experience working with global organizations.

As a matter of business practice, Petromax utilizes high quality base stocks, and the additives are procured from the major international additive suppliers. We have the knowledge base, expertise, and a history to formulate and offer successful market specific products. We strictly maintain and ensure quality policy in manufacturing our products and in provision of services. The products are developed using cutting edge technologies, and are thoroughly examined for optimum performance.

Building upon the success we have had over the past many years, we are looking to further solidify our international presence by partnering with quality conscious channel partners.

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Petromax Grease & Lubricants Industries FZC is:

  • An independent lubricant manufacturer

  • Dedicated to providing the highest levels of product quality

  • Dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service

  • Able to fill all high-tech product gaps in your existing lines

  • Able to offer a new line of general, synthetic, and specialty products

  • An opportunity for you to compete with high-end imported lubricants

  • Continually concentrating on technical support and product development

  • A complete line of industrial lubricants, both conventional and synthetic

  • A product line as broad, or broader, than most current national/international brands

  • A manufacturer of lubricants that are the value-added, absolute top performers in their respective industry categories

Petromax Grease & Lubricants Industries FZC is distributor-friendly:

  • Petromax allows distributors to concentrate on selling and customer service while providing excellent profit margins by industry standards

  • We listen to you about your specific markets, and utilizing our expertise and knowledge, are able to formulate market relevant products to ensure your success.

  • The consistently superior quality of our products drastically reduces the need to ’put out fires’ because of inferior lubricant performance so you can focus on selling

  • Petromax exclusive technology allows distributors to explore opportunities in application areas that you may have previously missed

Petromax Grease & Lubricants Industries FZC products can easily augment or replace major oil products by incorporating:

  • Our complete line of state-of-the-art lubricants

  • Our extensive line of greases

  • Our hydraulic oils, gear oils and other industrial lubes

  • Our synthetic compressor oils and extreme-temp specialty products

If you would like to discuss further, please contact us. Alternatively, give us a phone call (+971 6 555 1766). We will follow up to discuss your market’s requirenment, and how Petromax can be a key in your future Automotive or Industrial Lubricant marketing plans.