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Engine Oils

The Range of engine lubricants are designed based on the wide technical expertise and the most developed technology to provide your engine with optimal lubrication, and to ensure that it

Axles & Transmissions

Discover how this range of lubricants protect axles and gears from wear to help reduce maintenance costs, extend vehicle life, and maximize your return on investment. 

Industrial Fluids

We believe that success starts with thoroughly understanding your customers’ needs, and having an appreciation for the challenges they encounter. Focusing our expertise and applying the latest innovations in lubrication

Metalworking Fluids

Today, a modern cooling lubricant or metal forming lubricant is subjected to a variety of demands. Cooling lubricants for metalworking must be effective, economical, and free from ingredients that are


The longer your grease lasts, the longer your components last, and the less lubrication maintenance for your equipment. With full product range greases, you can select the grease to best

Brake Fluids

This range offers brake fluids recommended for brake circuits in all vehicles for meeting DOT 3, DOT4, DOT 5, and DOT 5.1

Antifreeze & Coolants

This range offers a full range of engine coolants in both ready-to-use and concentrate form. Please let us know your requirements and we can recommend a product suitable for your


The range of railroad formulates and blends a full range of engine oil products for railroad application. The product portfolio includes railway diesel engine oil designed to address the EPA

Generator Oils

The range of generator oils is specially designed to meet the requirements of various stationary generators operating on diesel, gasoline, or CNG fuel. Superior additive technology and carefully selected quality

Farm Tractor Oils

The range of farm tractor oil has extended its offer to agricultural professionals with a complete range of products dedicated entirely to farming equipment. For a concrete and cost-effective response