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Axle & Transmission

Discover how this range of lubricants protects axles and gears from wear to help reduce maintenance costs, extend vehicle life, and maximize your return on investment. 

Our range of ATF products includes;

Automatic Transmission Fluids
ATF Specifications
Dex VI
Dex. lllH, Dex. lllG, Dex. Ill / MERCON
Dex. llE & Dex. llD
TASA (Type A Suffix A)
Toyota Type T-IV
Dual Clutch Transmission (OCT) Fluid
Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Fluid
Multi-Vehicle Transmission Fluid
Power Steering Fluid
Automatic Transmission Fluids
Gear Oil Specifications
Automatic Gear and Transmission Oil

Multi vehicle product has been formulated to meet the needs of a wide range of modern automatic transmissions in N. American, Japanese, and European vehicles.

Dex VI

A high performance ATF product offering maximum performance in passenger car applications such as automatic transmissions with torque converters or wet clutches as well as power steering systems. Suitable for


Premium ATF for automatic transmission in motor vehicles. Outstanding base oil quality for optimal cold temperature properties and high ageing stability. Durable friction properties for excellent wet clutch performance. Suitable

Dex II

ATF Dex II is formulated from highly refined paraffinic base oils with additive package designed to inhibit oxidation and offer load carrying anti-wear protection.


ATF TASA is a multipurpose transmission fluid formulated for use in automatic transmissions where Type A Suffix A fluids are required. ATF TASA can also be used in many power

Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCTs)

We offer products specifically formulated for Dual Clutch Transmissions utilizing wet or dry clutch. These products provide optimum wear protection and excellent friction properties even under hard conditions and offers

Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs)

CVT fluids are formulated for today’s technologically advanced continuously variable transmissions. The products are formulated with select, premium base oils, long-life friction modifiers, unique anti-wear additives, and shear stable viscosity

Multi Vehicle Transmission Fluid

Multi vehicle product has been formulated to meet the needs of a wide range of modern automatic transmissions in N. American, Japanese, and European vehicles.

Comprehensive range of Automatic Gear Oils and manual transmission fluids include;


MT-1 fluids are formulated for non-synchronized manual transmissions used in buses and heavy-duty trucks. These products provide protection against the combination of thermal degradation, component wear, and oil-seal deterioration, which

SAE J2360

Offers products that meet the requirements of SAE J2360 which is another widely recognized performance specification for automotive gear lubricants. The products under this category satisfy the requirements of API


The API GL-5 lubricants are intended for gears, particularly hypoid gears, in axles operating under various combinations of high-speed/shock load and low-speed/high-torque conditions. The performance specifications for API GL-5 are


Offers a range of products meeting the requirements of API GL-4 intended for axles with spiral bevel gears operating under moderate to severe conditions of speed and load, or axles


Products meeting the performance requirements of API GL-3 are intended for manual transmissions operating under moderate to severe conditions and spiral-bevel axles operating under mild to moderate conditions of speed