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Engine Oils

Our innovative Engine Oil formulations offer maximum protection to cars, motorcycles and scooters, light and heavy commercial vehicles, which is ideal for operating in all climatic conditions. Automotive functional fluids provide optimum lubrication, along with anti-rust and anti-wear properties for transmission components, power steering devices, hydraulic systems, radiators, cooling systems and other mechanical parts.

The Range of engine lubricants are designed based on the wide technical expertise and the most developed technology to provide your engine with optimal lubrication, and to ensure that it stays in good condition and operates smoothly, and at the same time;

  • Protecting it against wear by reducing friction and controlling corrosion

  • Imparting cooling properties preventing your engine from overheating

  • Ensuring good cylinder compression and maximum engine efficiency

  • Ensuring that your engine runs clean by preventing deposits

  • Some, specially engineered engine oils in the The Range go even further by offering fuel economy benefits

  • Providing compatibility and protection to the post-treatment systems that are an integral part of most modern engines

Passenger Car Motor Oils (PCMO)

Our passenger car oils are made with premium-quality base materials and superior additive packages. Developed with technology used to power the world’s most extreme motor racing machines, our passenger car

Heavy Duty Diesel Oils (HDDO)

Our commercial vehicle lubricants are developed to deliver tailor-made product offerings to maximize your fleet and business performance. Utilizing the best base stocks augmented by appropriate additive packages, we ensure

Motorcycle Oils (4T & 2T)

Our motorcycle oils are developed mainly for engine cleanliness and smooth gear changes to deliver optimum efficiency as well as peak performance. Thoroughly tested in the field, motorcycle oils are

Generator Oils

The range of Generator Oils is specially designed to meet the requirements of various stationary generators operating on Diesel, Gasoline, or CNG fuel. Superior additive technology and carefully selected quality

Farm Tractor Oils

Our range of Farm Tractor Oil has extended its offer to agricultural professionals with a complete range of products dedicated entirely to farming equipment. For a concrete and cost-effective response

Off Highway

Our construction lubricants ensure optimum efficiency in the toughest operating conditions, reducing machine downtime, optimizing maintenance and other associated costs. It serves to improve your work and protect your investment.

Marine & Railroad Lubricants

We manufacture a complete range of high quality marine oils, incorporating the latest in technological advances for consistently high performance.The marine products include 2T (both 70BN & 100BN), 4T, and