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Farm Tractor Oils

Our range of Farm Tractor Oil has extended its offer to agricultural professionals with a complete range of products dedicated entirely to farming equipment. For a concrete and cost-effective response to the demands of an activity forever in need of sophisticated equipment, designs innovative products that are tailored to the most recent technological developments. The product range includes, STOU, UTTO and transmission oils.

Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU)

Offers a generous range of products in this application category that includes

Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO)

A product suitable to a wide range of agricultural machinery. Permits to reduce the friction or bath energy losses generating a fuel economy. Excellent behavior at low temperature: protection of

Other Transmission Fluids

Transmission fluid for axles and differentials equipped with limited slip disc self-locking systems. Guarantees the high cleanliness of the limited slip discs installed in the axle. Prevents noise and vibration