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Generator Oils

The range of Generator Oils is specially designed to meet the requirements of various stationary generators operating on Diesel, Gasoline, or CNG fuel. Superior additive technology and carefully selected quality base oils make generator oils a natural choice when generators need robust performance in extreme operating conditions. This product line meets or exceeds the performance requirements of most mainstream generator manufacturers.


  • Developed for Diesel, Gasoline, or CNG converted engines, and designed to provide optimum protection.

  • Maintains engine power during combustion processes and reduces oil consumption.

  • Protects against piston and combustion chamber deposits.

  • Reduces energy losses at start-up and enhances fuel efficiency.

  • Formulated to retard the formation of piston skirt deposits.

  • Protects engine components at high operating temperatures by forming a protective oil film.

  • Has excellent detergent and dispersant properties which help reduce soot, and sludge, and formation of carbon deposits on pistons, rings, and liner.

  • Extends drain intervals and reduces operating costs.