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Metalworking Fluids

Today, a modern cooling lubricant or metal forming lubricant is subjected to a variety of demands. Cooling lubricants for metalworking must be effective, economical, and free from ingredients that are harmful to health and the environment. In the process chains that follow metalworking, customized cleaning agent solutions and process-compatible and reliable corrosion preventatives play a decisive role when it comes to production reliability and product quality. Offers a comprehensive range of highly effective lubricants, but also possesses the process expertise needed to ideally meet the specific requirements in the field of metalworking.

Grease & Lubricants produces high quality oils for use in all types of metalworking operations such as tapping, drilling, heading, stamping, cutting, gear hobbing, rolling, quenching, grinding, etc., and in all methods of lubricant application such as, brush on, flood, spray, and micro-drop. Our line of metalworking lubricants is formulated using high quality petroleum base stocks with the addition of EP additives, fatty compounds, etc. to provide excellent tool life and finishes. Other components can also be added, imparting anti welding characteristics, anti-foaming or anti-misting properties. By blending products with varying viscosities, Petromax metalworking oils can achieve maximum heat dissipation and simultaneously superior metalworking performance resulting in higher speeds and feeds.

Vegetable-based metalworking fluids are now being utilized to replace mineral oil- based products in some applications exhibiting superior finishes, tool life, etc. Some of our products are formulated without chlorine to provide comparable tool life to chlorine based cutting fluids even on difficult to machine metals and stainless steels. The product line also includes additives to boost existing metalworking oils, ease removability, lessen misting, lighten color and foaming and many other attributes to maximize results and improve employee acceptance. Many of our metalworking products have been custom designed to fulfill a specific customer need allowing them to compete in today’s global economy.

Rust Preventives/Inhibitors

Products can vary in residual film, thickness, length of protection and flash points.

Synthetic Fluids

The synthetic machining fluid is a heavy duty synthetic coolant formulated for the machining of all ferrous metals. Synthetic machining fluid provides an optimum balance of lubricity and detergency for

Semi-Synthetic Fluids

Semi-synthetic metalworking fluid is a high performance and versatile, chlorine-free, metalworking fluid designed specifically for demanding precision applications of both ferrous and aluminum alloys.

Cutting Oils

Compounded to maximize performance, employee acceptance, and productivity.

Threading And Tapping Oils

Designed to extend life of tools, taps and chasers on any metal and size.

Gun Drilling Oils

Formulated to dissipate heat, flush chips and maintain sharp drills.

Honing Oils

Manufactured to insure the highest quality of finishes while maintaining “sharp” stones for continued usage.

Heading Oils

Different types used in cold heading depending on size, metal formability, and cleaning capabilities.

EDM Fluids

Vary in base stock refinement allowing clean odor-free long life.

Drawing Compounds

Blended to impart excellent die life, removability, and gall-free parts.

Vanishing Oils

Provide for good die life, yet insuring low odor, minimal residue, and high flash points.

Stamping Oils

Designed to maintain finish, dies, and production levels with minimal cleaning.

Quenching Oils

Blended to provide proper quench speed, high flash points, and long fluid life.

Grinding Oils

Manufactured to produce high quality finishes, clean wheels, and fluid filterability.

Lapping Compounds

Formulated to keep different size grit in suspension, produce excellent finishes and clean results.

Vegetable-Based Cutting Oils

Designed where a higher flash point fluid is necessary to machine difficult metals and alloys, especially titanium.

Micro-Drop And Mist Lubricants

Recommended specifically for sawing and milling operations in lieu of flood applications.

Polishing Compounds

Fortified to produce excellent finishes and consistent metal removal.