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Metalworking Oils
Cutting Oils

Compounded to maximize performance, employee acceptance, and productivity.

Threading And Tapping Oils

Designed to extend life of tools, taps and chasers on any metal and size.

Gun Drilling Oils

Formulated to dissipate heat, flush chips and maintain sharp drills.

Honing Oils

Manufactured to insure the highest quality of finishes while maintaining “sharp” stones for continued usage.

Heading Oils

Different types used in cold heading depending on size, metal formability, and cleaning capabilities.

EDM Fluids

Vary in base stock refinement allowing clean odor-free long life.

Drawing Compounds

Blended to impart excellent die life, removability, and gall-free parts.

Vanishing Oils

Provide for good die life, yet insuring low odor, minimal residue, and high flash points.

Stamping Oils

Designed to maintain finish, dies, and production levels with minimal cleaning.

Quenching Oils

Blended to provide proper quench speed, high flash points, and long fluid life.

Grinding Oils

Manufactured to produce high quality finishes, clean wheels, and fluid filterability.

Lapping Compounds

Formulated to keep different size grit in suspension, produce excellent finishes and clean results.

Vegetable-Based Cutting Oils

Designed where a higher flash point fluid is necessary to machine difficult metals and alloys, especially titanium.

Micro-Drop And Mist Lubricants

Recommended specifically for sawing and milling operations in lieu of flood applications.

Polishing Compounds

Fortified to produce excellent finishes and consistent metal removal.