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The range of railroad formulates and blends a full range of engine oil products for railroad application. The product portfolio includes railway diesel engine oil designed to address the EPA fuel and emission standards for 2011 and is suitable for use with current and late model EMD and GE units operating on low- and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels.

  • Lower maintenance costs and longer engine life

  • Resists formation of deposits

  • Excellent corrosion control

  • Exceptional Total Base Number (TBN) retention

  • Extends filter life

  • First-rate protection against wear and protection of yellow metals

  • Outstanding oxidation and thermal stability

  • Sludge-soot handling and viscosity control

  • Reduces filter plugging

  • Zinc-free formulation

  • Provides protection of silver engine components

  • Chlorine-free

  • Improved used oil disposal/recycling options