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Semi-Synthetic Fluids

Semi-synthetic metalworking fluid is a high performance and versatile, chlorine-free, metalworking fluid designed specifically for demanding precision applications of both ferrous and aluminum alloys. Formulated with the latest chemical innovations for lubricity, wetting, and corrosion prevention available, the semi-synthetic metalworking fluid establishes the standard for superior performance without the need for chlorine. The emulsifier and detergency package prevents bacterial problems and hard water soap formation typical of traditional soluble oil metalworking fluids. Semi-synthetic metalworking fluid also utilizes a very high viscosity base oil blend for increased boundary film lubrication and superior film strength on machined/ground surfaces. Semi-synthetic metalworking fluid incorporates a synthetic surface lubricant technology which offers comparable performance to traditional soluble oils containing chlorine, sulfur, or phosphorus.

The semi-synthetic metalworking fluid, enhanced with specialized corrosion inhibitors, offers outstanding corrosion protection/anti-staining properties on aerospace and automotive aluminum alloys. When cleanliness and performance are your priorities, the semi-synthetic metalworking fluid is the product of choice.


Semi-synthetic metalworking fluid is recommended for general purpose and high performance machining and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.


  • Sulfonate Free Chemistry: Will not produce any odors. The biostable chemistry maintains the pH eliminating objectionable odors.

  • Hard Water Stable: Semi-synthetic metalworking fluid has twice the hard water stability of traditional soluble oils thereby maintaining a stable emulsion for better wetting and lubricity

  • Additive Independent: No need for tank side pH buffers, emulsifiers, or costly and hazardous biocides

  • Chlorine Free Chemistry: Semi-synthetic metalworking fluid eliminates the need for chlorine with a unique blend of synthetic esters and high molecular weight base oils